The Matrix Apartment Building Overview

A lot of investors seek for promising property around the world. In order to generate revenue, residential property should be in demand. One of the best choices is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This city is a popular place for living and doing business, and a lot of people come here looking for a place to stay. The 34-storey Matrix tower may be a promising investment due to its unique design and luxurious interior highly valued both by locals and visitors.

the matrix apartment building

The efficiency of investments into residential property is determined by the population growth. Dubai’s population growth is provided mostly by foreigners who move here to start a new career or business. Consequently, they need some place to live. That is why residential real estate market of Dubai is considered a promising investment object.

Inside The Matrix Building

The Matrix offers its potential residents fully furnished luxurious apartments with large windows from the floor to the ceiling and panoramic balconies. The windows of these apartments look out over waterways of the district – a view worth seeing! The residents are free to choose from contemporary design studios as well as one or two bed room open plan apartments.

The Matrix apartments

Living in The Matrix means living in a luxurious apartment with smart card access system and concierge service. The residents are also free to use the swimming pool at the rooftop and gymnasium as well as the local health club.

All these accommodations attract well-off people who find it important to demonstrate their status and prefer a luxurious way of life. For an investor who decided to buy an apartment in The Matrix for renting out it means a stable source of income.

Outside The Matrix Building

Another important detail is the location of the property. Residents prefer to live close to the major transport arteries in order to have a quick access to the other parts of the city. Dubai Sports City in which The Matrix is situated allows an easy access to Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road that can lead you anywhere in Dubai.

As for the district itself, here the residents can find all the facilities needed for normal life – shops and stores, cafés and restaurants, sport clubs and other recreational facilities. The district is also filled with various sport stadiums and academies which may be a priority for sportsmen.

Dubai’s Real Estate Market

The real estate of Dubai is one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world. Due to constantly increasing population, the demand for residential property is quite high in the city. Despite the recent price fall, the rental cost hasn’t changed much which proves high efficiency of investing in this sector.

Foreigners from around the world are attracted by the fast economic growth of Dubai. Experts anticipate even more to arrive as the time when the emirate holds World Expo 2020 is coming closer. That means that the owners of residential property in Dubai can expect an even higher demand on their assets.