The One Dubai Marina Review

The One Dubai Marina

Those who are looking for investment properties in Dubai may find it hard to make a decision – especially if you are considering buying a hotel property along the emirate’s coastline. The city has numerous hotels of different price tiers with various locations and services to offer which makes it difficult to make a final decision.

If you weigh all the pros and cons, take into consideration various factors and look for an optimal variant from different points of view, the best choice would probably be Dubai Marina area. The property that is particularly worth looking at is The One Dubai Marina which is being built in this luxurious community.

Location and Infrastructure

Any investor knows that the value of property is determined by its location and surrounding infrastructure. Even a high-end real estate would considerably lose in price if it’s located in a hard-to-reach area with no stores, schools or leisure facilities around. From this perspective the piece of property under review has the advantage.

Dubai Marina is regarded as a prime spot, and a lot of people dream about moving to this part of the city. The community is located around the artificial marina which flows into the Arabian Gulf from two sides. There are many walking areas, a large mall, a wide selection of cafés and restaurants. This place is perfect for those who prefer luxury and fussy urban life-style. The district is also popular with tourists – both leisure and business guests of Dubai – which is why there are lots of hotels situated here.

As for The One Dubai Marina, a potential investor should pay attention to the following facts:

The One Dubai Marina accomodations


Being built in one of the most fashionable areas of the city, The One hotel is obliged to offer its future guests not only the highest possible comfort level but also a ray of additional services. The hotel will be ranked as a 4 stars property.

Among the drawbacks of the property, one could mention a relatively high price due to it privileged location, although buying a room in the hotel while it is still being constructed may be cheaper. Dubai’s developers often offer additional bonuses to their off-plan clients.

Thus and so The One Dubai Marina can be regarded as a perspective investment object which will become a risk-free asset taking into account its characteristics and the opportunities given by Dubai’s tourism sector.