The Spirit Apartment Building Overview

Real estate investment is often regarded as a safe way to preserve your money. A good investment also provides you with a stable income and can be reselled for a better price. Many potential investors choose Dubai as a cheaper market in comparison with other popular destinations such as London, New-York or Hong-Kong. Premium property enjoys popularity, too. One of such realties is The Spirit – an apartment building in Dubai Sports City.

The Spirit building

When choosing an object for investment, one should take into account such factors as the location of the property, the demand for the real estate among residents and the rental rate of the district. These parameters determine the future income of the investor.

The Location of The Spirit

The Spirit is situated in Dubai Sports City – a convenient location for living with everything you may need within a short distance. The district offers convenient living for the people who are into sport activities and a healthy lifestyle. Dubai Sports City comprises multiple sport facilities including stadiums and academies. The residential property here is popular among world famous sportsmen which makes it a promising investment. Golf, rugby, swimming, football, hockey – here you can find everything a sport enthusiast can wish for.

The district also offers all the necessary facilities for living such as shops, restaurants, and sport clubs. Furthermore, The Spirit building is situated within easy reach of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, one of the main traffic arteries of Dubai, which makes the building a highly desirable housing both for visitors and residents of the city.


Another important feature of The Spirit is that it offers a high-quality residential space with luxurious accommodations. The access to the building is provided with smart cards, which makes living in the building safe and trouble-free. The residents’ safety is also guaranteed by the 24-hour security and reception services. Within the building, the residents can enjoy high-tech gym, spend some free time on the sun deck or swim in the pool. Those who prefer jogging can use the exclusive rooftop track.

the spirit building pool

The Spirit is not only a place for living but a place for sport activity and healthy lifestyle combined with luxurious accommodations. This 19-storey building offers a calm and peaceful life yet close to the major road networks of the city which can lead you to the vivid business and shopping destinations.

Investing in Dubai

Considering the popularity of Dubai as a great place for life, work and business, investing in this city promises high returns. There are lots of people who visit the emirate during a business trip or move here to start a company. Renting out an apartment is a good way to gain stable income since there is high demand for residential space in Dubai.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay real estate tax if you own an apartment in The Spirit. You are also free from paying income tax if you rent it out. Therefore investing in Dubai’s residential property and The Spirit in particular is a good business project.